Veronika Suschnig

Veronika Suschnig, Soft Skill (detached), acrylics through cotton web, 100 x 70 cm, taking a nap in the studio garden, 2021
1989 born in Korneuburg, lives and works in Vienna and Lower Austria
2020-22     Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Sculpture, Textual Sculpture (Nora Schultz, Heimo Zobernig)
2017-22     Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Painting, Expanded Pictorial Space (Daniel Richter)
2015-20     Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Art & Architecture - Master (Alessandra Cianchetta)
2012-15     Technical University of Vienna, Architecture - Bachelor (Christine Hohenbüchler,  
Peter Mörtenböck, Isa Rosenberger, Peter Sandbichler)
2021 Work scholarship from the state of Carinthia
2020 Art Scholarship from the state of Lower Austria
2020 Working scholarship from the City of Vienna
2020 Research scholarship, Federal Ministry of Science and Research 2020
2019 Research scholarship, Federal Ministry of Science and Research 2019
2019 Exhibition Prize, Magdas Hotel, Vienna
2019 Project funding, Academia Scholarship Foundation, University of Vienna 2019
2018 Project funding, Academia Scholarship Foundation, University of Vienna 2018 Bank 2018 Austria Art Prize 2018 (first prize)
Strabag International Artprize - Nominee 2020 & 2021 & 2022
Landessammlung Niederösterreich | Wien Museum | Strabag Art Collection | Artcollection of BKS Bank AG & Kärntner Sparkasse 
EXHIBITIONS (selection)
2022 Soft Skills (solo), Galerie Reinthaler, Wien (AT) 
2022 Scooter, Jan Koniarek Gallery, Trnava (SVK) 
2022 Entre-Images, Galerie La Banane, Cannes (FRA) 
2022 Handle with care, solo show, project space close(d) future, MMKK, Klagenfurt (AT)
2021 Promesse du bonheur #1 with Luisa Hübner and Heimo Zobernig, Exi-TS, Trieste (IT) die Neuen, Kunstverein Kärnten, Klagenfurt (AT)
2021 Secrets Secrets de Fleurs, Galerie La Banane, Cannes (FRA)
2021 Uomo Universale la femme, Semperdepot, Vienna (AT)
2021 Perceptual Grounds, Museum Nordwestbahnhof, Vienna (AT)
2021 Tektonik der Beziehungen, F23, Vienna (AT)
2021 Waiting Room with Luisa Hübner, Parallel Vienna 2021, Vienna (AT)
2020 Parallel Vienna, Vienna (AT) Prospektive, Oktogon Hfbk, Dresden (DE)
2020 Kunst im Werk, Galerie 3, Traibach (AT)
2020 Memory Noise, Diploma show, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (AT)
2020 Will I ever pass by the moon, Magdas Hotel, solo show, Vienna (AT)
2019 5, Galerie 422, Gmunden (AT)
2019 A romance with (Im)material, Semperdepot, Vienna (AT) Parallel Vienna 2019, Vienna (AT)
2019 Female – lives and works in Vienna, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, Vienna (AT)
2019 Living Studio, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, Vienna (AT)
2019 Pat Pat Pat - finding comfort in materiality, Hfbk Gallery, Hamburg (DE)
2019 Spielzimmer Gathering, presented by Michael Kaufmann, Hotel Altstadt, Vienna (AT)
2019 Hofburg unter dem Teppich, curated program show of Art Vienna, Hofburg, Vienna (AT) 
2019 Drugtales & other memories, Art Vienna, Gallery ARCC.Art (AT)
2019 Multitasking, Molnár Ani Galéria, Budapest (HU)
2018 Hyper Again, curated program show of Art Düsseldorf, MMIII Kunstverein (DE) Bank Austria Artprice 2018, Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach (AT) 
2018 Soloshow. VIP-Programme of Vienna Contemporary, Spielzimmer, Vienna (AT)
2018 Verwandlung, Galerie3, Klagenfurt (AT)
2018 Drugtales, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, Wien (AT) 
2017 Geld, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, (DE) Mapping images of the city, Wien Museum, Wien (AT)
2016 Collabocracy: Films & Drawings for Visionary Cities, Heritage Gallery, London (UK) 
2016 Veronika beschließt zu Träumen, Schaustelle, Wien (AT)




Veronika Suschnig, detail of dolor omnis / grand sorrow, rose thorns and acrylic writing on paper, 60 x 40 cm, 2018


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